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CSM Group is a premier design and engineering solutions business, focusing on civil, structural, hydraulic and electrical engineering, across Brisbane, Sydney and  Coffs Harbour.

With a commitment to operating with honesty and integrity, and using a multi-disciplinary approach to business, our clients can be assured they are being offered a full package of services at the right price.

We undertake the full scope of design, engineering and consulting services, which means that clients only need to make one phone call to discuss all their engineering requirements.

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We approach all our projects with a collaborative mind-set, and utilise our in-house civil, structural, hydraulic and electrical engineering and design capabilities to deliver detailed design plans, project management services, consulting and construction supervision. We use the latest technology and the in-depth knowledge of our experienced staff to produce cost-effective solutions at every turn. From start to finish, our clients in Sydney, Brisbane and Coffs Harbour can be confident that every project is handled in an innovative manner.

Our commitment to you is simple. We provide exceptional customer service and ethical business practice to bring you successful outcomes that are of the highest quality.

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CSM Group Building services available in the Coffs Harbour region

CSM Group adds Building Construction services in Coffs Harbour, Bellingen and Nambucca Heads CSM Group adds Building Construction services in Coffs Harbour, Bellingen and Nambucca Heads CSM Group adds Building Construction services in Coffs Harbour, Bellingen and Nambucca Heads CSM Group adds Building Construction services in Coffs Harbour, Bellingen and Nambucca Heads CSM Group adds Building Construction services in Coffs Harbour, Bellingen and Nambucca Heads
An effective town plan has to have a commitment to fit the environmental vision of the community it's designed for. Whilst taking into account housing, commerce, transport and education requirements. Each element of the design needs to fit this vision creating ideal urban surroundings for the inhabitants, and the challenge lies in ensuring it remains affordable and scalable.
A significant amount of research is required for town planning. These requirements include assessing key elements such as housing requirements, industrial and commercial requirements, and improvements in public transport and access to the area via road, assessing water, energy and sewage systems, and also recreational areas, all of which are likely to have been previously designed for smaller populations. With 20 years industry experience we understand Queensland's regulations for developments, our building projects will take into account the Sustainable Planning Act, Environmental Protection Act, and Queensland Heritage Act.
With the rapid growth of many cities, urban town planning allows areas to evolve and manage the increases in population, at the same time taking into account the areas landscape and architecture. CSM Group specialise in civil engineering, structural engineering, and town planning Brisbane. Our collaborative approach allows our clients to only deal with one company, making communications and scheduling of projects easy and more cost effective than having to deal with a number of consultants. If you would like more information about from our planning team please contact us on 07 3700 9791.

Urban town planning Brisbane is the technical process behind the design and use of land in an urban environment. The planning stages will involve extensive research into the requirements of the area. Town planners will work on designing entirely new urban areas on the outskirts of suburbs or cities, or will be reviewing how to reform and improve the existing structure within an area to deal with a growing population.

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How we can assist your build

CSM Group is an established team of talented engineers who specialise in civil, structural, hydraulic an electrical engineering services.. As a member of Engineers Australia, we have proven that we are exceptional at what we do. Today’s blog post will explore some of the work performed by our Brisbane team of civil,structural and hydraulic engineers, and will give our readers some insight into the scale and depth to which some of our projects go.

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How we utilise 3D Modelling

In any building project, one of the key tasks performed by the structural engineers in Brisbane is to create an accurate and detailed model of the building. Advances in technology have now allowed us to create this digital model in a 3D form, which captures every detail of the structure in a way that is easily displayed and interpreted. Here at CSM group we primarily use a form of 3D Modelling called BIM, or Building Information Modelling.

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Delivering quality engineering consulting services to Australia

Our dedicated team of professional consulting civil engineers are highly qualified and have worked on a broad range of civil development projects throughout the country. Whether you're in Sydney, Brisbane or Coffs Harbour, a civil engineer from our team can take on a consulting, project management or supervision role and be a part of a personalised team that includes hydraulic and structural engineers.

From our Head Office in Brisbane, we provide our local, Sydney and Coffs Harbour based clients with quality advice, design, documentation and specifications.

Professional civil engineering advice for Coffs Harbour, Brisbane and Sydney

CSM Group provides development advice, design, documentation, project management, certification and supervision throughout the Brisbane, Sydney and Coffs Harbour localities.

Our town planner will provide expert advice in planning and development, conceptual design and master planning, development applications, submissions and court appeals.

If you would like to find out more about our town planners and the services they offer, please read more on our town planning page.

If you wish to learn more, or enquire about our civil engineering services in Sydney, Brisbane or Coffs Harbour, don’t hesitate to get in touch on +61 1300 00 9791 to speak to one of our friendly consultants!