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Hydraulic Engineers for Brisbane, Sydney and Coffs Harbour

We are a multi-disciplinary firm that is committed to providing you with innovative solutions for all your engineering requirements. Our team of hydraulic engineers provide accurate advice and guidance to ensure that town planners, property developers and land owners adhere to, and meet the strict regulations of, council permits within the areas of Sydney, Brisbane and Coffs Harbour. We offer lower-cost solutions compared to other consultants. Our innovative storm-water management design methods have saved some our clients up to $500,000 per development, while still meeting best practice and water-quality guidelines.

What can a hydraulic engineer do for you?

We cover the whole spectrum of hydraulic engineering, and offer services in water supply, storm water drainage and sewerage systems. Our specialists across Sydney, Brisbane and Coffs Harbour, can deliver water detention, water quality and fire services that keep loss of space to a minimum and are cost effective. We can provide the following:

  • Reports and analysis for overland flow
  • Storm water site-based management plans
  • Flood inundation plans
  • Flood studies
  • Q50 and Q100 assessments, nominating building floor level, car park and uninhabited floor levels
  • Water detention design and analysis
  • Quality and quantity reports for storm water
  • MUSIC-modelled best practice water quality reports
  • Sediment basin design
  • AS3500 compliant plumbing and drainage plans. This includes roof-water, fire services, sanitary drainage, hot and cold water

Our approach

We are committed to overseeing your entire project from start to finish. Our close attention to detail and extensive experience across a range of projects means that all our work adheres to industry standards without compromising on quality. Being a multi-disciplinary group of experts, we always take a comprehensive view of all projects before work commences to make sure that all factors have been taken into account. Our team believe in practising ethically, and use only the most environmentally friendly methods to ensure that impact to the environment is kept to a minimum.

Every hydraulic engineer on our team are experienced in the use of several software packages for hydraulic analysis to assist in our innovative designs.

As a full-service design and engineering firm, we can also assist with all of your civil and structural engineering requirements. Call us today to find out how we can help you.