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CSM Group provides its clients with professional surveying and development advice.

Our surveying services complement the urban design and town planning services for CSM Group’s developments.

CSM Group’s surveyors are quickly establishing a reputation for providing accurate and timely surveys, allowing our clients to meet their project time and budget parameters. We use long-standing and proven techniques, in conjunction with world-class technology and equipment to ensure high-quality results are achieved every time.

Our highly qualified and dedicated team is committed to providing a professional service, and thrive under the additional pressures that come with specialising in construction and civil works.

The survey department can provide you with both cadastral and engineering surveys including the following:

  • Easement surveys
  • Sales and disclosure plans
  • Volumetric format plans
  • Community title schemes
  • Contour and detail surveys
  • Road, Sewer, Stormwater, Water reticulation Setout
  • As-Constructed Surveys including drafting.
  • DTMs for volumes, Volume calculations.
  • Earthworks: Cut/fill design and Calculations, Quantity take-offs and Volume Calculations, Stake out of batters, building pads
  • Major subdivision estates
  • Land subdivision – urban and rural
  • Plan sealing
  • Disclosure plans