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Structural Engineering

Consult an Experienced Structural Engineer in Brisbane, Sydney and Coffs Harbour

CSM Group have a team of high-quality, professional structural engineers in Brisbane, Sydney and Coffs Harbour. Our consultancy services include exceptional design, documentation, project management and supervision for all of your projects.

As part of our service to you, we will create a complete structural documentation package, which will clearly define the project specifications and requirements for each development.

We will also create a 3D model of the structure and building services to check for any service clashes. We provide a 99.9% guarantee that there will be no service clashes on-site for each development.

Every structural engineer in our team throughout Brisbane, Sydney and Coffs Harbour use their innovation and creativity to deliver sustainable and economic solutions for our clients. If you need a structural engineer who is exceptional at problem solving, get in touch today.

Our team of engineers are experienced at working with architects on designs, renovations and construction of all kinds, including multi-unit residential developments, office buildings, mining enclosures and batch plants.

CSM Group’s team of structural engineers, Brisbane based and servicing Coffs Harbour and Sydney, are experienced in working with architects on designs, renovations and construction of all types of structures, from multi-unit residential developments and office buildings, to mining enclosures and batch plants. You can see examples of our 3D modelling by clicking on the relevant links to the left of this page.

We offer competitive rates that will give you value for money for your development.

Request a quote today and upload your architectural drawings. We will assess the information and email you a fee proposal.

Why choose a consulting engineer?

Our consulting engineers are at the forefront of their field and offer our clients in-depth knowledge across a wide range of construction subjects.

There are many benefits to having a CSM Group consulting engineer as part of your team. Request a quote today from our Brisbane office and find out what our consulting engineers can bring to your project.